Comparison Reports

In this article, we will go over types of comparison reports, and how to use this powerful feature to get the data that you need, right now.

Comparison Reports

In your AutoCFO app, click on in the main left navigation to see a dropdown of the types of reports available, and select .

What can Comparison Reports do?

Comparison Reports allow you to compare Actual Vs. Budgeted OR prior period numbers from Income & Loss, Balance, or Cashflow reports from a given period of time. For example:

This quarter’s Cashflow vs. last quarter’s Cashflow:

This year’s Income & Loss vs. last year’s Income & Loss:

How to Run Comparison Reports

STEP 1: Select which report type you want to look at by choosing one of the following:

Income & Loss

Choose this type to examine revenue, expenses, and profit.

Balance Sheet

Choose this type to look at Cash balance, Accounts Receiveable (money owed to you), Accounts Payable (money you owe) and Debt balances.


Look at this report for an understanding of how profits or losses translated into cash in or out of your bank account.

STEP 2: Select the time frame you would like to compare

STEP 4: Select Actuals and Comparison details

  1. Select the dropdown arrow to pick the end month of your selected time frame. You can select any month in the last 12 months.
  2. Then select what you would like to compare that time frame against. You can select the prior period, the same period in the prior year, or the budget to compare against.

STEP 5: Look at your data!

The difference in dollars and percentages between the two selected columns will be shown on the right side of the page:

To see more detail for an item select the expand arrow for that row:

To change the comparison budget, open the budget menu on the right:

Use the Print button to print your comparison report (or use your print function to save it as a PDF). Use the Export button to export your report to a CSV file (and open in Excel, Numbers, etc.)

Bonus: Use the Search Function to drill down comparison data

Would you like to compare a particular line item? Do a quick search here! In this example we compare contractor expenses between the last 12 months and the previous 12 month period:

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